IMG_1734The unique historical heritage, the Bulgarian architecture, the Nature and people’s hospitality are the main outlines of the visit card of Bulgaria. But what would be our hospitality if not connected with the serving of traditional Bulgarian dishes and drinks to everyone who has crosses the threshold of our homes. It is no accident that Bulgaria, as well as nearly each region in the country, has its own “reserved” dishes, varieties of brandy (called “rakia”) and wines. Foreign tourists prefer the dishes with aromatic vegetables and the dishes seasoned with aromatic spices lavishly accompanied with different varieties of Bulgarian brandy and wine. These are served to them by smiling and polite owners of all family restaurants and taverns, even in the most remote recesses in the country. The guests of the old mountain town of Tryavna may from this autumn taste another Bulgarian specialty – Balkan savory-scented live beer.

Until the Liberation the beer was almost unknown in Bulgaria. There were some separate attempts made for its production under home conditions but they had no special commercial success.
Foreigner are the main pioneers of the national brewing profession – Czech, German and Swiss citizens. There were too many railway specialists among them who used to leave the railway construction in order to devote themselves to another, healthier way to connect Bulgaria to Europe, namely the beer. The Frenchman Dyukori is deemed the founder of the contemporary Bulgarian brewing in Bulgaria, as in the period from 1873 to 1876 he worked as an engineer in the railway construction works in the region of Sofia and, among other things, opened a small factory in Knyazhevo. The exact type of beer and the exact buyers are not known. Dyukori’s workshop was later rented by the Proshekovis Brothers before building the brewing factory “Vitosha” and the cellar “Dalbok Zimnik” (“Deep Cellar”).
Today, the Bulgarian consumes an average of 74 l per year of the liquid like amber, approximately as much as the average Spaniard or Dutchman. The beer produced nowadays by the Bulgarian brewers is highly valued not only by the Bulgarian beer lovers, but all by foreigners. All of them gladly meet to chat whole enjoying the foamy steins and the delicious grilled dishes.IMG_1739
All tourists have the opportunity from this autumn to combine the educative tour in the town of Tryavna and its unique architecture and nature with tasting of the Bulgarian live beer. It is a natural product made of barley, hops and yeast, without any preservatives, stabilizers and colouring agents. The Bulgarian live beer is produced after a Belgian technology, but has a typical Bulgarian taste. After the nice tour through the museums of Tryavna and the famous small street of crafts, You may see and taste this attraction as well, which is situated in the very center of the town. In the small brewery and its tasting hall You will be offered with 3 kinds of beer – light beer, beer like amber, and dark beer, as each type differs with its own taste and degree of alcohol. The dark beer is also includes the specific Bulgarian spice, namely the savory. The idea for the savory’s addition to the drink was of the Belgian owner of the company that had supplied the equipment. When he visited our country last year to evidence the assembly of the first installations, he was highly impressed by the taste and the aroma of the Bulgarian savory. Thus the Bulgarian beer with a scent of savory was created, as it is to be patented under the name of “Trevnensko Pivo”. This beer is mostly popular among the foreigners-guests of Tryavna who find the combination between dark live beer and savory unique. New beer recipes are also to be “mixed up“, as they will include a bouquet of Balkan herbs, as well as aromas of different fruit varieties – cherries, strawberries, plums, raspberries and morello.

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