The General Manager of Melina Ltd. trusts in our country’s European future.

Business Card:
Yakov Niv is an investor, General Manager of Melina Ltd., which builds Plovdiv’s most unique mall – the Markovo Tepe Mall. The investment ventures in which Mr. Niv is holding stakes are linked to several international investments. For its Markovo Tepe Mall project, Melina Ltd. was awarded with a First-Class Investor certificate by the Foreign Investment Agency.

The total investment in the Markovo Tepe Mall exceeds € 60 M. Its opening is expected this autumn. In addition to many prime brand stores, the Markovo Tepe Mall will be offering a 30-lane bowling, a golf course, kids’ entertainment, restaurants and coffee shops. This will make it a preferred meeting place in Plovdiv.
Melina Ltd. is intended to invest nearly € 150 M in the near future in the construction of 12 power centers in various cities around the country. Vratsa, Vidin, Rousse, Haskovo, Blagoevgrad, Yambol, and Sliven – high-unemployment locations – are among them. The new commercial centers would be a valuable acquisition for people from these areas, since many new jobs will be created with their construction.

Mr. Yakov Niv is an energetic and affable person.
In spite of the hardships life is making him face, he doesn’t forget the human values and the ethical standards to which he has been raised. Born in Bulgaria to a family of Bulgarian Jews, Mr. Niv emigrated from Bulgaria with his parents in 1948 and settled in Israel. He spent time living and working in France, Germany, the U.S., and elsewhere.

In the 1990s, Yakov Niv returned to Bulgaria. “I wanted to recompense the state that saved me,” says he. “Many Jews across Europe lost their lives. I decided to invest in Bulgaria, to create new jobs.”

Mr. Niv preserved his charity throughout his life and never stopped distributing donations to kindergartens, asylums, hospitals, and the like in need. “Donorship is such a thing that you either bear in you or not,” considers Yakov Niv. “You may not be an affluent person yet you may still donate. I’m doing that because it is how my mother taught me – one must share with others. I’d wish being able to donate even more.”

Mr. Niv is strongly attached to his family and has always taught his children to be first and foremost honest, hard-working, and worthy persons. We’re asking how Mr. Niv sees the future. “We should not despair from the past twenty years. In spite of the difficulties, we shall look forwards and be a normal European state.”

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