IMG_9136Tsvetelina Nikolova is a sunny and beaming girl who’s as if out of a fashion magazine cover. Few would presume that she’s bearing already the responsibility of a serious job linked to important deals at Belvedere Bulgaria and that she’s making a career in such a hard and meanwhile exciting commerce as the wine market.
Belvedere hired her in 2003 as a Sales Representative to deal with corporate and individual customers – embassies, ministries, public organisations, etc.
Later, she participated, jointly with consultant Thierry Haberer, to the development of an ambitious project – the Katarzyna Wine Cellar. The cellar is – by its type, investments, and technologies – unique in Bulgaria.
As the project unfolds successfully, many young specialists were trained and thus, gradually, in parallel with marketing, she reached a level where the wine industry had no secrets anymore for her.
Nowadays, everything “passes” through her – PR, advertisement, organization of events, marketing, etc. Meanwhile, she was able to build a wonderful team whose leader she is as a Sales and Marketing Director. According to Ms. Nikolova, a successful team lies upon three secrets: good motivation, good relationship with every person on the team, and clearly stated goals.

Work is a thing of exceptional importance to me,” says Ms. Nikolova. “All our team members are young people, tremendously ambitious. We’re stimulating them to achieve outstanding results with good motivation and good attitude. My daily meetings with them are giving me the opportunity to have an insight into all their problems – both on the job and personally. And every single problem must be dealt with in time.”
In times when many specialists sought opportunities for their development out of Bulgaria, young people are returning in ever increasing numbers to seek a career with the Katarzyna Estate and with Belvedere: because Katarzyna is a successful brand.

“In our company, we’re not recruiting people from the industry; we want to ‘shape’ them for our work style, by our model. The IMG_0106competition is helping us to get better oriented in the marketplace. And the market sees more and more Bulgarian wines regaining their well deserved positions with their high quality.”
After so many achievements within such a short period, we ask her the question what would she wish to herself for the future. The answer is pretty simple and beautiful: “Above all, good health and… more smiles. I don’t wish that there were that many sad and sorrowful people. Let’s have more smiles!”
We’re wishing it, too – holding a glass of wine.

A summary on her:
She’s born in Troyan. “It’s probably from there, from the mountain, that are coming my strength and my ambition,” says she with a smile. She studied in a French-language high school, and graduated afterwards in Political Science and International Economic Relations. Fluent in English and French.
She adores painting and has many artist friends.
She likes relaxing with her beloved person, travelling. “As a rule, I travel a lot – both in Bulgaria and abroad, because travel loads you with plenty of energy. It lets you get in touch with new people and other cultures… Belvedere has branches in 132 countries and when we all get together it’s a really incredible experience.”

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