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Mettasense Studio is the New Yoga Space

Borislava Yotova_SobstvenikRecently, the opening of the Mettasense Studio on 98, Bulgaria Boulevard in the capital drew many friends and yoga aficionados.
The studio stands out with an exceptionally modern and streamlined interior. It offers two ample yoga halls – Fire and Earth, fully equipped with a complete set of yoga items from environmentally-friendly materials. Visitors have also access to a massage studio, a Japanese garden, a healthy restaurant, an eco-boutique with yoga accessories and clothing and, of course, to contemporary and practical dress rooms.
Interior_3The studio offers its customers different yoga styles, intended for beginners or for those who are already experienced. Special yoga classes will be held as well: for children, for pregnant women, for postpartum recovery. Here are some of the classes: Open & Restorative, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow, Classical (Hatha), Rise & Shine, and Therapeutic yoga.
Mettasense is also offering various wellness treatments, a variety of holistic procedures with the highest-class products.
“Yoga helped me feeling the love for life, living within the instant, appreciating every moment, accepting everything that’s NOW. I’m happy that through Mettasense I already can share that with people who have the same mindset”, said during the opening Ms. Borislava Yotova, manager of the studio.

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