Set amidst picturesque countryside, surrounded by hills and dense oak and pine forests, the SPA resort Sijarinska Banja in Serbia is a real oasis of divine nature among the civilization. The healing waters at the resort have attracted thousands of visitors since time immemorial. Ancient Romans and medieval knights have enjoyed their healing power.

Sijarinska Banja is close to the archaeological sites of the VI century in Tsarichina Valley, in southern Serbia, 330 km from Belgrade, 50 km from Leskovac. The unique natural phenomenon is 520 meters in the foothills of the Golak mountains, on the side of the river. With its 13 natural springs within a radius of 800 meters and two large geysers, the resort is among the richest of springs in Europe.

Due to the fact that all 13 water springs have different physical and chemical properties, as well as the temperature of the water, they treat a variety of diseases. The Spa center began to develop in 1878 onwards as a residence of the wealthy citizens of Leskovac and gradually turned into a health resort with a huge potential. Much has been made, but the possibilities for development are limitless, because of the unique combination of natural beauty, which glorify Sijarinska Banja all over the world.

photo3The springs help in the treatment of a large number of diseases: of the bone and the muscular system; the stomach and intestines; Kidney and urinary tract; the liver, gall bladder and pancreas; gynecological diseases, inflammatory processes, and some forms of infertility; Lung diseases; mental fatigue; light forms of diabetes; conjunctivitis. The mineral springs and geysers are the greatest wealth of the resort. The new geyser with a capacity of 33 litres per second and water temperature of 76 degrees was used for heating of Sijarinska Banja and of hotel „Geyser“, which offers numerous attractions for tourists. The specialized hospital for rehabilitation „Geyser“ in the resort is with the high B category and is situated into a modern building with 277 beds and apartments. The hospital is equipped with the latest medical equipment. A team of experts in the fields of hydrotherapy, mud therapy, electrotherapy, physiotherapy, inhalations and warm baths take professional care of the patients.

photo2Since July 1998, every year, guests enjoy a „Geyser nights“, filled with a rich cultural and entertaining programme. The event, which brings together artists, actors, singers and musicians, ends on 2nd of August with a traditional wedding under the geysers. At the end of August a fishing contest takes place and fish soup is prepared in a pot. The evening spent in the „Geyser“ is long remembered with a gourmet kitchen with local specialties. In Sijarinska Banja the sick can heal, the healthy to strengthen their health and load with energy. Whoever comes once at the resort, becomes a permanent guest and tells a story far and wide for the geysers, the health and the beauty.

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