The first Bulgarian-German implant-surgery dental clinic EO Dent opened doors in Sofia. The date November 11 wasn’t chosen by accident – this is the day we honour St. Mina, healer and patron of the family. This is how theEO Dent “family” wished to give a new start for smiles and better quality of life for their patients.The warm evening and the opening ceremony gathered over 600 people. What’s more, the three tenors on the second floor of the state-of the-art 8-storey building filled it with their aria. That is how the opening started before theeyes of a number of public figures, еnjoying their beautiful smiles thanks to Dr. Pavlovs and the whole team of EO Dent clinic, including Tatyana Lolova, Martina Vachkova, Yordan Yovchev, Natalia Simeonova, Azis, Alicia, Mary and Miro from Mary Boys Band, Dandy, Mira Dobreva, Nedelya Shtonova, businessmen, politicians and many more. There’s another change for people arranging meetings – the Hemus Hotel and City Centre in Sofia are now opposite the First Bulgarian-German implant clinic EO Dent building…Indeed, it was built according to German standards and supplied with the most-upto-date equipment. A surgery floor, a floor with four surgical units, a floor for relaxation treatment, prevention and motivation. Adentistry museum is situated on the top floor. You can see a 1962 dental chair, as well as tools from different dentistry stages. There’s a photo studio “hiding” in the basement, where the design of every patient’s smile can be captured. The conference hallwith the training centre were designed for one sole purpose – continuous improvement and professional growth in the name of the patient. The equipment is state-of-the-art technology – lasers, the latest trends in sterilization, dental chairs, situated on a special antibacterial surface. The opening ended with a spectacular show by Sirma Dobreva – the rubber woman, with a performance done for the first time in the world– acrobatics on building facades, accompanied by spotlights, music, fireworks and a big round of applause. EO Dent are dental clinics offering innovative laser treatment, 3D diagnostics, HELBO therapy, aesthetics, implants, surgery, pediatric dentistry at the most advanced level. You can fall asleep by means of special anaesthesia-sedation and wake up with a transformed smile, without pain and memory of the intervention. A lot of patients from abroad come to Bulgaria for a week to get the desired “Hollywood smile”. Dr. Veneta and Valentin Pavlovi, owners of the clinic, have shared that this is a dream come true for them. In fact, the first Bulgarian-German implant surgery clinic EO Dent is a dream come true for the Bulgarian patients.






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