DSCI3165Formed in the distant 1976 in New York Foreigner still remains one of the biggest names in the world’s pop and rock music. A lot has changed since then, both in the band and in the show business – styles, fashion and all sorts of transitional phenomena. However, the ability of mr. Mick Jones to chose the right moment and way to reappear on stage with his multiplatinum project – the legend Foreigner, is unaltered. “The old fox” is the only permanent band member, during its different star periods – from the multilayer art-rock pieces in the first two albums, through the purely rock-sounding “Head Games” of 1979, the mature masterpieces of 1980 and „Agent Provocateur” of 1984 to the Lou Gramm’s swan song and his latest studio jewel “Mr. Moonlight”.
Frankly speaking, my only worries about the new line-up were provoked by the absence of the symbolic for Foreigner voice of the already mentioned “giant” mr. Lou Gramm! I could somehow not imagine their eternal hits without his distinctive sensual timber.
But sometimes in life it is like that – when you loose something, you do not actually know what you are winning. And I think that the smiles of about six thousand warmed up by the appearance of the new “boy” hearts, are an excellent beginning for mr. Kelly Hanser. The singer demonstrates splendid voice, looks and abilities to create a show. And he appeared to be a great interlocutor, who is not obsessed with the idea of being a star, too. I sincerely wished him luck and he wished the same to “ChergaBG” magazine. DSCI3163
The other new “foreigners” showed killing class, explosive might and superb stage presence. It would be difficult to distinguish somebody in such competition, but nevertheless the eccentric bass player Jeff Pilson, who appeared to also be an arts appreciator and an eloquent nice guy earned the applause! To his right, Mr. Tom Gimbel (guitar, saxophone and……flute) glittered with his noble radiance and at the back the ultra-steady Paul (clavier – I am sorry, but his last name slipped out of my memory) and Brian Tichy (drums), who shook us with one of the best drum solos ever played in Bulgaria!
And of course, the composer, the producer, Foreigner’s father, the absolute leader Mr. Mick Jones. The man who created, developed and went down in the rock – history with his perfectly greased machine, which showed enviable anxiety and infectious mood, by performing one hit after another: „Feels like the first time”, “Head games”, “Cold as ice”, “Starrider”, “Urgent”, “Juke box hero”, “Dirty white boy”, the ballad evergreens „Waiting for the girl like you” and “I want to know what love is” and a lot of other pieces of ageless musical classic.

*The band Foreigner was established in 1976 in New York
*Mick Jones is the only one who is a part of the band from its establishment up to now. He has worked together with stars like Ozzy Osborne, Eric Clapton, Peter Frampton, Johny Holliday, Spooky Tooth and many more.
*Jan McDonald, the other main figure, in the forming of the band is also the founder of the progressive – rock cult „King Crimson”. Together with Robert Fripp and Greg Lake he had released two solo albums. He plays the guitar, clavier and wind instruments.
* Lou Gramm – the singer who is an icon to the Foreigner fans leaves the band in 2002/2003, most probably because of health problems. He has released 2 solo albums. He and the guitar hero Vivian Cambell join in the super project „Shadow King” – a top example of incredible hard rock with astonishing melodies.
*All Greenwood and Ed Galiardi after leaving Foreigner take part in the bands „Spy” and “Spys” and in 1983/1984 Greenwood starts collaborating with Joe Lynn Terner and afterwards with “N.Y.C.”
*Rick Wills comes in 1979. He has worked with King Crimson, Peter Frampton, Small Faces, Roxy Music, David Gilmour, Bad Company.
*Foreigner’s 2007/2008 tour begins in Sofia.
*Foreigner has sold about 70 million copies of their albums.
*Their №1 hit is “I want to know what love is” 1984/1985.
*Their №1 album – „4” of 1980.
*They have more than ten top 10 singles in the charts.
*60 top 20 singles in the charts.
*7 multiplatinum albums.
* Mick Jones has been awarded the prestigious British award „Ivor Novello” for the music to the movie “Still crazy”.
*The Foreigner’s sales for Atlantic Records rank second after…..Led Zeppelin.

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