_MG_7382He is one of the young-generation music performers. Despite he has not the background of years of artistic biography, he can now brag about devoted fans, eager for each of his performances. Quite often his name appears as well in different charts for the most beautiful Bulgarian musician. Orlin Pavlov – the vocals of the band Kaffe until recently – already promoted his solo single – “Do you dream”, which opened the doors to the future success.


If we look for support for the Bulgarian proverb that the pear does not fall far from the tree, we could find it in the charming Orlin. It seems that his love to the music is genetically fated. The mother Tiha Genova and the father Orlin Pavlov are soloists in the Plovdiv Opera. His family tree however lists not only men of arts.
Orlin’s great-grandfather on his mother’s side – G.P.Ge_MG_7723nov was Professor of International Law and Diplomatic History and also rector of Bulgaria’s oldest higher education institution – the Sofia University. Today Orlin’s sister carries on the law science traditions.
„I was an ordinary child, probably a bit more playful than the others. I loved to play outdoors, I sang in the kindergarten choir and attended piano lessons seven days a week, where I played the Flea Waltz and I looked with bagging eyes my mother“, the smiling Orlin remembers now.
Later on he graduated his high school education in the tentative class of Nikolay Georgiev and worked as an actor in Studio 4хС Theater. He continued his acting study as a student too by graduating from the Plovdiv _MG_7726University with major subject Performing and Synthetic Arts, where he attended pantomime, jazz ballet, opera singing, musical acting, and synthetic theater classes. He is confident that his singing, dancing, playing and audience provoking skills generally are particularly useful today in his singer’s performance, but he enjoys remembering the roles in the plays „Beket who, Beket we“, „The Master and Margarita“, „The Cats“, „One Big Small Show“ и „Caligula“ performed at the Gabrovo Theater stage. Like most of the young Bulgarian singers, Orlin had his time in the training of the Opera club, where he worked as a singing waiter. Then came the year 2002 when the chance met him with one of the members of the Kaffe band, who told him the band was looking for vocals. Then followed the producers’ OK and … Kaffe had a new frontman – Orlin. The popular band won a number of awards, some of which are the third award at the Golden Deer festival in Romania, Bulgarian album and band of the year awards. Kaffe, with Orlin for vocals, was the Bulgarian first-ever band participated in the Eurovision festival._MG_7837
About a year and a half ago Orlin decided to make a new start in his artistic biography. He left the band and started working over his first solo single.
„I needed a song to debut. There were quite various ideas, but in the end I trusted to myself. There was a melody, that I often hummed, stuck in my mind. It sounded like a hit and ballade and this way „Do you dream“ came to the world, as its official promotion was held on May 13, this year“, Orlin says. The music of the single is by Orlin Pavlov, Charlie from „Akaga“ and Ventsislav Markov, and the lyrics by – Kamelia Lilkova. The movie was directed by the Romanian Andrei Fantana and the famous Bulgarian model Dilyana Popova has a part there.
„I think it is better that I expected. The audience loved the song “, Orlin admits. Along with the solo singer career however he has not ignored the theater. This year he participated in the dancing show „36“, directed and choreography by Rosen Mihailov in the SFUMATO Theater Laboratory and in October the audience may again enjoy his acting.
Like all of the young singers Orlin has been dreaming about recording an album. At the same time he has already been working over his second solo single and over a duet with Mariana Popova.



Name: Orlin Orlinov Pavlov_MG_9383
Date and place of birth: April 23, 1979, Sofia
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Eyes color: blue
Height: 183 cm
Ambition: still I have such
I like to … ask
I believe in …prophecies
I hate …to be thirsty
I appreciate … the good friends
The friends are … something rare
The folly is … a mark
I dream of …, they coming and taking me
I long for … go out of the solar system
I want to … live long
If I was an animal I would be … an ant, of the strongest animals on the earth
I have always wanted the people around me to know that … they are watching us but nobody believes me
I like to eat… Nutela cream chocolate
Favorite color: green
Favorite car brand: Trabant
Favorite perfumes: They are too much
Favorite books: „Knife-Like, Flower-Like, Like Nothing at All in the World “

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