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The Interior Design of the Vacation homes

For some years now a lot of foreigners and Bulgarians may be proud for having their own second home. The socalled vacationhome was accepted not only as a place fora family holiday but also as a profitable investment. Having in mind the specific features of the placeon the sea or in the mountain, these homes created a brand new interior trend but namely vacation homes interior design.

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When furnishing a vacation home a few basic moments have to be considered – purpose, use (seasonal or year-round use), as well as its location (winter, summer resort or a country tourism house). The high season of use is of the greatest importance when furnishing the home as it defines the overall direction of the design and the atmosphere of the interior solutions. For example in the summer homes the furnishing shall be “lighter”, simple shapes and obligatory light colors. The interior textile has to be light and the presence of more metal and glass gives the necessary “cool” of the atmosphere. The less furniture the better for this type of homes as this makes the feeling of space. The osier-made furniture is the perfect solution for this home. Wicker chairs, sofas, tables, as well as any other things made of similar stuff and in similar way are really resistant to atmospheric conditions.
The trend in the winter homes is just the opposite –heavy curtains, scarfs, solid furniture, darker and warmer colors making a feeling of coziness and protection of cold storms. The leathers are very proper for the high-land houses. Thick carpets, different types of fleecy and tufted rugs, a lot of pillows and fluffy blankets are just a part of the interior streaming with warmth and coziness. The decoration of this type of homes may be quite variable. Big pictures as well as all kind of trophies are suitable. Big dressers and cupboards, wine shelves, as well as a lot of ledges will create unique feeling of comfort in the winter months.
When we have to pick up the colors for our home first we have to be sure if we will lease it or not. In the first case it is recommended to find elegant and at the same time easy to accept color solutions as they hall be mainly from the pastel colors range. These colors are meant for the broad public as they are not obtrusive and don’t irritate the yes. The aggressive compositions and accents such as joyful grass green, more metal and glass in the corpus furniture are more suitable for individually used apartments.
If our home will be used by tenants too imposes the consideration of its furniture as wee. It is recommended that the furniture is multifunctional, with simple shapes and meeting all the comfort and aesthetics requirements, to be user-friendly and suitable for long-term use. At the same time their maintenance shall be easy. It will be better is the kitchens are as practical as possible not occupying much space since in the vacation properties this part of the homes is not as important as for the others. It shall not dominate but to melt into the overall home atmosphere.

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