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The new dimension of dental medicine in Bulgaria

Bulgaria already has an extremely modern dental clinic, made entirely by the German standard and with guaranteed quality. The inhabitants of Sofia can now benefit from the services of the new fully-implantological surgical clinic EO Dent. The eight-storey building can offer each patient a world-class treatment. The clinic has latest generation equipment, as well as an outstanding indoor comfort and design. Each part of the clinic is touched to the last detail, each floor has a different function.
Entering the waiting room of the clinic, the patient can feel the comfort of the modern design and a warm welcome. The team of dental clinics EO Dent makes sure each patient is feeling secure and in safe hands ever since he crosses the threshold of the clinic. This is one of the ideas of modern dental treatment – the patient shouldn’t feel like he is going to the dentist, but rather as on a cosmetic, beautifying process.
The first floor of the clinic is designed for surgical interventions. Usually, patients are prepared there for subsequent implantological treatment or just for surgical intervention.
The second floor of the clinic is designed for surgical interventions. It consists of four operating blocs equipped with anesthesiological machines, the newest equipment of lasers, special antibacterial surface, and of course, great design. There is a recreation room, in which the patient rests before and after treatment. On this floor the implantology is a major focus in the work of the doctors of EO Dent. The implants which are used are from the German company Bredent, with proven quality not only on the Bulgarian market. On this floor are done the most complex and difficult cases in implantology and surgery, and for this purpose in the clinic are working professional implantologists with many years of experience and specialisations in this area.
The third floor is the so-called “floor for relaxation.” There are held mostly relaxing treatments as well as the motivation of the patient. All this is accompanied by a great atmosphere resembling more to a spa-centre rather than dental clinic. Each chair of the cabinets is equipped with a laser – HELBO, which is a great helper in the fight against pathogenic bacteria and periodontal disease.
The top floor of the clinic is extremely curious. There is the Museum of dental medicine, in which we can see a dentist’s chair from 1962, as well as a variety of tools from different stages of dentistry.
Dental clinics EO Dent have prepared one more surprise for their patients – Photo Studio to capture the smile design. Also, the clinic has a huge Conference hall in which doctors from EO Dent held trainings, seminars and all kinds of innovative lectures that are solely for the benefit of the patient. The interesting part of this Hall is that there is a direct link to the operations floor and therefore sophisticated operations can be observed directly. The direct connection between the operating room and the Conference Hall contributes significantly to the perfection and the experience of the relevant specialists.
Each patient can feel calm and secure about his oral health, because in Bulgaria now there is a clinic, in which he can receive a world-class treatment.



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