says with absolute certainty Prof. Alexandrov in his story:


– We started developing milk-sour foods in 1985 by creating a product on the basis of the Bulgarian yogurt. We ended up with a disintegration of proteins to pure amino acid, fatties to poly-free fatty acids, and carbohydrates to simple sugars.

We created a super essence of yogurt, which is a combination between pro- and pre-biotics, called the synbiotic. It is stored for years ahead at room temperature because new amalgamates occur during the technological process, which helps preserve live cells during the years in a natural way. The process is still not completely clear to us so research continues. Actually, the level of PH is changed in such a way that it reminds of the natural process of yogurt’s fermentation. Precisely in these ways we can create those unique products that in their new forms have a concentration of billion healing bacilli.



Dear readers, I am sure that you like to drink your morning coffee with fresh milk, and that sometimes you fall asleep with a cup of the warm drink or convince your children that they shouldn’t go to school without having the healthy substance. But is this the right thing to do? That is the question I am posing to Professor Alexandrov.

– Milk is not healthy for the individual after nursing age. It causes for some side effects because there is an enzyme in the human body that disintegrates milk sugar and due to some unknown reasons, when a person ages, the enzyme decreases in function and gradually disappears. This happens mainly with urban citizens, exposed to different toxic substances. This is why we can’t disintegrate this lactose – the milk sugar and we start having symptoms of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. If one adds yogurt to milk – these symptoms could be avoided since the lactobacilli feed precisely on yogurt. So these processes are very specific in the human body, says the Professor. I am assuming that you are already asking yourself the following question:

What kind of a person is the creator of the syntibiocs in Bulgaria?

He was born in Pavlikeni 61 years ago – his grandfathers and great-grandfathers come from Central and Northern Bulgaria.

He has developed 35 types of medicine in the area of toxicology and milk-sour fermentation. Two of them are among the most famous: orocetam, which he developed with the help of colleagues, is a unique Bulgarian stimulation medicine with a good effect in severe poisonings to the brain and liver. It also helps improve people’s condition after severe illnesses; the other product is Vitapiracen – a combined medicine against war poisoning substances.

He has two sons. One of them is a stomach surgeon, the other one – a computer specialist. Both of them stayed in Bulgaria, even though they had the chance to leave.

A second toxicology clinic in the Army-Navy Hospital in Varna, which is now celebrating its 15th anniversary.


Freemasonry – according to it, telling a lie is the biggest crime

He considers himself as:

A workaholic, very ambitious


A doctor, scientist, professor, general, a medical clinic’s director…the future will tell

His driving force:

The ambition to do something nice, something interesting, something unknown – here on the Balkans.

Final words:




We, Bulgarians, tend to have a nihilistic sense towards our own achievements, and we should rather stand behind our products. If the cover of this synbiotic read that the product is American, English, or whatever else, it would have been perceived much better.

We stay in each other’s way and try to do each other harm. Jealousy would kill us!

The colorful coloring

We cannot do without faith.

We are self-sustained individuals, but only strong individuals can go forward. We don’t let mass psyching do us bad, we can’t be manipulated, we fight and we achieve many things. Behind every great invention, there is a Bulgarian.



Ilia Mechnikov has a big merit here. He works in Paris, together with Luis Pastor in the famous named after him institute. The Russian scientist is famous for saying that aging is an illness and it needs to be cured as all other illnesses do. He has discovered that a big part of illnesses are due to the decaying processes in a human’s intestines which are caused by different things – sickness, chemical, toxic and radioactive substances that change the natural ecosystem in the body. This itself is a premise for inner intoxication of a person and in the end, we – ourselves – can poison ourselves and cause death. Mechnikov determined that these decaying processes can be interrupted namely through the Bulgarian yogurt. He researched people who have lived 100 years, and who come from the Rodopi Mountain and the mountain areas in general, and was surprised to find out that Bulgarians who eat yogurt every day live longer. He also found out that those people look healthier and are not sick as often, while keeping their physical strength for many years.

Nowadays, the true, most quality lactobacilli can be found in the Targovishte, Razgrad, Popovo, and Veliko Tarnovo areas.

Later, in 1905, Doctor Stamen Grigorov discovered lactobacillus bulgaricus. As a true patriot, he dismissed all possibilities of working in Switzerland and came back to Bulgaria. Her he discovered and created vaccinations against tuberculosis. He determined that mildew releases penicillin long before the works of Alexander Fleming on the creation of this medicine. The same principle is valid for lactobacillus bulgaricus.

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