VESKO_9He has warm eyes, charming smile and catching sincerity. The blaze of glory has not touched him, and when he sings for love, happiness and the Mother country the audience is touched to tears and fully believes him. He looks like the man from the neighboring street, singing about what he feels and what excites us as well.
The singer Veselin Marinov was born in 1961 is a small and lovely Bulgarian town. He has won a number of local and foreign awards. He has already recorded 16 albums in huge for the country number of copies, and in 2007 he made his latest one – the 17th album “Da se sabudish do men (To Wake Up Next To Me) – Love ballads”. He is the man that could make an audience of many thousands to rise on its feet singing “Az znam Bulgario, az znam, che druga niama kato teb!” (I Know Bulgaria, I Know, That There is no Other Like You)

In the beginning was the music. How did you choose it?
I like the music since I was a child. As a teenager I was happy to be invited in the orchestra of our high school and then this magic started, the magic called love to music. During my military service I saw that this was my way and during the regular furlough I applied to the School of Music.
I have imagined that I could also be a teacher or a baker. When I was a child I often used to go in the mornings near the fence of the bread making plant. I liked the bread fragrance.
But I realized that the music was the thing to give meaning to my life. And yet, 25 years now, it is the thing that makes me feel important and needed to people.
Is there a certain song, which you have a special attitude to?
I have recorded about 200-220 songs, and if we add the ones that I have sung abroad, they would probably be over 500. I could not name any song being favorite. But also I have no songs sung just like that, to fill a king of list in the album.
What do you think about the awards and which one you estimate most?
The awards are those obstacles, which we have to go through our way, in the start of our carrier, when a young singer makes his way through. Later there also be awards, but they will be for album charts, concert charts. For me personally I realize that I have no more the need to participate in competitions with jury and rather subjective factors.
And yet, when we talk about favorite awards, this is the Melody of the Year competition prize for the song “Gorchivo vino” (Bitter Wine) in 1996, and when the album “Gorchivo vino” became the top sold album in the same year. I find very precious the award from the “Golden Orpheus” festival in 1994, which was my return back to Bulgaria.
The personal life is often hostage to the successful career. Are you happy?
I think that I am happy because of the people I’ve met on my way. But I also think that everyone of us wanders about. And this curve all the time winds about between happiness and misery. And probably this is why we know what happiness is, because we know the misery too. And the only thing left to us is to believe that after the rain, the sun will come.
What is like Veselin Marinov out of the spotlights?
The media, the movies idolize the performer. They present him different. That is why the vogue binds.
I see people impressed that they could often meet me in the ordinary bakery buying cheese pastry and buttermilk, and I couldn’t thing of something more delicious to pick up for breakfast. This is not exactly what people imagine about the stars. Generally I am not the common representative of the stars, since I don’t want to part from some particular things in my life that I love to do.
What do you feel when singing the song of Toncho Rusev and Mihail Belchev “Za teb, Bulgariyo” (For You Bulgaria)?
This is a question that I could hardly answer in a few words. What is the Motherland for each of us? It starts in the childhood, the first books and friends and comes to your current, everyday problems. I has happened to me to say that I would pack and leave, when I see the problems and the difficulties. And then, in this very moment I feel that I could not deprive myself of my Motherland, that I am going to miss everything. And if I decide to leave, I will lose my ability, which everyone has, to make it better. I believe in Bulgaria, what we are going o make it.
Now you are on the top of your professional development. What do you expect from the future?
The top is about to come. I am happy to be alive and make my trace in this world. What gives meaning to my life is the audience and the music that make me never stop, to keep walking and to believe that my songs are needed to people. I do what I like no end much – to sing for the people in my country.

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