mariana11She is Kim from “Miss Saigon”, Elena from „The beautiful Elena”, Silva from „The queen of czardas”, Hana from „The merry widow”, Rosalinda from „The bat”, Maritsa from „The countess Maritsa”. Her musical-comedy transformations are very vivid and remarkable.
„Beautiful, smart, heavenly, with strong presence on the stage, original voice and artistry” – a definition for her by the musical critics and the audience filling the hall, in any her participation in a performance. She is Mariana Arsenova, one of the firsts in the State Musical Theatre„Stefan Makedonski”.

The singer does not conceal that she has favorite parts which she values very much. Last summer she even shot in the Hollywood production „The harpies”. Because of her transformation as a mythical creature in the fantasy action, Mariana experienced a lot of embarrassments. First she had to be with a manicure of 5 cm. The extension of her nails made it difficult for her even to hold the cutlery. And the extension of her hair which was necessary, took her five more hours sitting on the chair and a kilogram additional weight on her head. So with these big nails and heavy hair she shot 12 hours without stopping. Then she knew that loved theatre more and it is her vocation.

Mariana is a person who achieves her goals on her own. She graduated from the Academy of Music and was employed as a soloist in Stara Zagora opera. Later she took part in a competition at the State Theatre of Music for the central part in the staging „The beautiful Elena”. Much to her surprise she was approved for the part. Since then she has been performing at Sofia stage. Music for her means life, she respects any genre in this field, provided it is presented in an interesting was and the performer is talented. mariana15
She thinks that she would consider years ago, if she is to face the dramatic choice between career and love. Now she is convinced that if art and love are real, they cannot be obstructive to each other, on the contrary, they will go hand in hand. „When a person is in love, everything is somewhat easier.“ Each part for it is a small love; even it is to remain only on the stage. Of course, feelings that might occur during the rehearsals may continue in life. „There are a lot of such examples” – smiles the singer. When watching her, people are convinced that she has many admirers. Beautiful, tender, young. Everyone will be surprised knowing that this tender woman has a daughter who is a student. Usually people think that both of them are sisters. Even the colleagues of her daughter cannot believe that the tender woman on the stage is her mother.
Like everyone she has had dramatic moments in her life. „people say that time cures. I think that it rather eases the terrible pain, from which you suffocate physically. The only way to come to the surface is to start something new, in order to feel that you are still alive” – is the life philosophy of the prima. mariana12
Mariana is too critical to herself; she says that she is not a model housewife. But her relatives and friends say that each dish prepared by her, is a real culinary masterpiece. She loves cleanness and tidiness and because she does not have a maid-servant, she maintains her house alone, though she does everything without much enthusiasm. But she is at her best when she holds an iron in her hand. She made a cult of ironing. Besides that she is a good home master. She may change alone electric bulbs, put chandeliers, and install electric wall-plug. By nature she is a real electrician. She is steady and fiery. She thinks that her zodiac sign Virgo does not influence her so strong, as her ascendant Leo. However, she took self-criticism from the Virgo. She is in love with her profession and she feels really happy on the stage. „Because of the strong moments when the audience bursts into applauses and makes you cry, this deserves al the work and pains that you have lived through” – smiles Mariana.

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