IMG_6512In 1990 immediately after the political changes dated the autumn of the year 1989, Yordan Kisyov – Manager of a company “Risk Electronic” Sole Proprietorship worked as a Manager of a section of the Institute in technical cybernetics and robotics to BAS at that time. After the closing of the computer factories in Pravetz and Veliko Turnovo as well as after all new circumstances which happened, Mr Kisyov along with a group of his colleagues decided to establish a company ” Risk Electronic ” – RISK comes from the abbreviation: Developing and industrial systems and computers.
After 18 stormy years of development, at present ” Risk Electronic” is one of the biggest IT companies within this branch. Mr Yordan Kisyov is sharing his thoughts about the values of the profession, for the nice and hard moments at work.

Mr Kisyov, was it a risk to establish the company „Risk Electronic”?
Each initiative is connected with any risk. However when someone deals with business he has to risk, otherwise he won’t win. When we started our activity, times were really hard and uncertain. It’s a pity that both I and my colleagues had no other alternative – we had to risk in order to survive. Thus owing to a group of optimists of about 6-7 colleagues our company was born. Later in the course of years a lot of things changed, our company divided in several companies and thus in 1993 there were only two of us left – I and my partner Todor Stanchev with whom we are together up to now.

What direction have you developed in during all these years? Your difficulties, success?
At first we started with things which at this time we considered to be minor: assembling of computers, installation of nets, production of different devices. For the needs of the national television at this time we worked out original video-controllers which were synchronized by the TV-cameras and this resulted in considerable improvement of the image. Certainly, it is already history. After a lot of progress and regress which is normal for business our company expanded vastly. We worked a lot of years with COMPAQ, and subsequently also ” Hewlett-Packard /which bought them/ and with which we are premium partners up to now. Apart from computers and servers we also produce mobile computers which up to the present are maybe the riskiest part of our production. We have our own brand for all our products as for the mobile РС-та it is called „Emucion”. We are also partners of Intel regarding desk and mobile computers and servers. Other great success of our company is that we developed a good structure in the country and we set a vast service activity. In 26 cities /the ex regional centers/ we have our own service stations, with our employees – system engineers, and regarding this we really have no competitors. Owing to this structure we maintain several big banks, with branches in the country and we work with a lot of big corporative clients. For all these years we have learned to deliver only quality products and services and to bear responsibility. This is our priority at work.

What is different with regard to what you offer your clients? How do you cope with the competition?
The different is that particularly the portable computers which we produce are according to an order that is according to clients’ wish we can deliver every really existing configuration. In accordance with the needs for which the notebook is meant, we advise a client what exactly he should choose and we offer him the best possible version. Regarding the competition we fight with it as we stake mostly on high quality of our products and services. Regarding our own brand of products we rely on clients who know the company and our products and trust us. We also rely on such ones who are aware with technics and know that the technology we use is like this one of the most renowned ones within the branch but prices are definitely better.

Several words regarding personal life?
I have quite a normal family, two already grown up children семейство. My son /24 years old/ is a student in IT in Karlsruhe – Germany. My daughter /30 years old/ has graduated Sofia University and has a master degree from City University in Pravetz. She has been working in our company for several years, and recently she makes us happy through a grandson and at the moment she is in maternity leave.

What is the secret of the successful business? Your recommendations for prosperity in business?
It is very difficult to say how exactly things should happen. I can not give recipes and directions, at least in IT business there are no such. It’s better if one does his work conscientiously, tries to educate himself all the time and tries to find its way to success by himself. If one is satisfied by what he achieved, the company will be already dead. There should be ceaseless development, moving forward. Our business is like rafting – when you are in turbulence, in the whirl of things, it is very difficult to say how one should act in order to come to the surface, to survive…The contemporary IT-business can not be framed, it is not liable to whatever description. The decisions regarding it are made on the move, at the very moment. It is so dynamic; it changes so fast that rules do not exist. An unbending spirit and fate define the direction within it.

And with regard to this how do you see the future of the ICT- branch?
One thing is for sure – in IT-business it won’t be easy for anyone. This is the reality in our business which is one of the most difficult ones. And if one does not understand it on time, it will be better if he does not deal with it at all. There is no simple solution of an IT-task, there are so many solutions and this one who looks for peace should not deal with IT-business.

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