Iskra_2007Magnetism and charm are the two words coming to my mind at the appearance of the big actress Iskra Radeva. The favourite of few generations of Bulgarians, she continues to be so incredibly beautiful and positive, charged by the infinite love of the audience. An incredible woman tells the readers of the “ChergaBG” Magazine about the unusual things in life, about its sparkles and seasons, about the magic called theatre and cinema.

And if we are looking for a confirmation of the Bulgarian proverb that “the pear does not fall away from the tree”, we may find it in the biography of Iskra Radeva. A descendant of an old metropolitan family, the actress famous today used to be a happy child mainly looked after by her grandmother.

“She was one of the prominent beauties of Sofia who had great love and knowledge for arts. She used to constantly take me to the theatre, cinema and operetta, and as a child I knew entire monologues and arias by heart”, remembers Iskra Radeva. She also inherited her love for music from her mother, a student of the great vocal pedagogue Prof. Hristo Brambarov.

And if most people remember how they used to dream of becoming one thing or another as children, Iskra Radeva has always imagined herself as an actress. Her dream was confronted with the dream of her parents who imagined their daughter as a successful physician. In order to fulfill their will, Iskra took part in examinations and was admitted as a student of medicine. Few months later, however, she successfully passed all examination cycles for admission to the theatre academy, and was among the lucky ones to be a part of the class of the great Apostol Karamitev.

“My desire to study acting was so big that my family decided to accept my choice. And later, as an actress, I played so many roles of physicians and nurses that I’ve probably also become partly a physician“, says Iskra Radeva with a smile.

The actress got her first big role back as a first-year girl at VITIZ. Only because of a photo, without any screen tests, she was chosen to play in the film “Osceola” after the world famous novel of Karl May, where she partnered with prominent representatives of the Romanian, German and Bulgarian cinema.

She had her debut on the theatre stage in the part of Maria, in the staging “Beautiful Maria“ of Doncho Tsonchev, in the Youth Theatre. And as for another theatr – the television theatre – today Iskra Radeva remembers as a great school that has given her the opportunity of proving herself and meeting many great directors and actors. She has more than 70 parts in television productions, as the first one was “The Moped“ of Nedyalko Yordanov, where she partnered with the present Minister of Culture – Stefan Danaylov. Up to the present day she considers Asen Trayanov her teacher in front of the camera.

The longest performance that lasted for entire 16 years was the show programme called “Having Coffee with an Autograph“. In some years not long ago, this show used to present in a nice way some not so nice things from our existence.

“As to the artistic aspect, I’m an extremely happy actress for having more than 100 parts in the theatre, more than 30 parts in the cinema, and more than 70 parts in television productions. I’ve never dreamt of a specific part, but I’m always sure that the best one is to come. The part that will take possession of me and will captivate me, that will make me present unexpected acting talent“
, says Iskra.

In the last 10 years the charming lady has been also performing the successful role of a manager of her own theatre called “Iskri i Sezoni” (Sparkles and Seasons). The idea about the theatre came from her husband. And during 1997, which was an year difficult both for the arts and the entire country, the new temple of Melpomena opened its doors with the play of Lyubomir Peevski – “Gentle Tenderness in a Late Afternoon“, as Iskra Radeva and Ivaylo Hristov played the leading parts in it.

Today, the balance is more than one thousand events of the theatre in front of halls full with audience, in different parts of the country and abroad. And if so, then it is surely also due to the fact that Iskra Radeva has never allowed herself compromising with the dramaturgy, the directors and the participation of actors. For all these years the sparkled of Iskra (meaning a “sparkle”) have lighted up not only the theatre stages and film stages. A number of people probably remember that she was the person who managed to bring to Bulgarian groups as “Smoky” and “Uriah Heep“.

From a truly human aspect, the great actress says that she is a positive person who infinitely loves her family, friends and warm weather. She also loves spring, for this is the time when she celebrates her birthday. And every birthday of Iskra Radeva becomes an off-the-cuff concert, part of which are friends, such as Veselin Marinov, “Riton” Duet, Mimi Ivanova, Ivan Balsamadzhiev, and many, many more favourites.

This spring she once again promises to please the connoisseurs of valuable art, but how … it remains a surprise.

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