2010.02.08 - 0003Your Excellency, You have been recently holding the position of Diplomat No. 1 in our country. What were the emotions connected with Your arrival in Bulgaria. Have You already managed to adapt to the work, to our country?
I arrived in Bulgaria in the end of April this year when Sofia was all captured by the beautiful spring. I received a cordial reception accompanied by great attention just like to a close friend coming back from a long way. This was truly exciting for me and made me feel unusually connected to beautiful and peaceful Bulgaria. I felt truly happy and lucky in this new situation. I’m occupied on a daily basis with a lot of work and constantly plan my time in order to have the opportunity to know better the country itself and the people in Bulgaria.

Which are the countries You have already had diplomatic missions in?
I’ve worked until recently at the General Consulate of Vietnam in San Francisco, USA. In view of my work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to a number of countries on all 5 continents. Regardless of the above, this is my first time in the region of the Balkans and in Bulgaria.

What are Your work priorities? Would You describe us a day of Yours?
There are very good, traditional friendly relations existing between Vietnam and Bulgaria. In 2010 the two countries will mark the 60th anniversary since the establishment of their diplomatic relations. The desire of the peoples of both countries, which is also my duty, is to expand and strengthen these relations in each particular field, especially with respect to the economic and scientific-technical cooperation. Bulgaria and Vietnam are both in a period of changing economy, depending on the market mechanism. Thus, in my opinion the strengthening and expansion of the bilateral cooperation in the field of economy, trade, investments, tourism, etc. will contribute to the future successful development of both countries.
I usually wake up early in the morning and I have an European breakfast. I like the Bulgarian cuisine a lot, especially the salads and the yoghurt. I start my working day with a review of the various information and I allot much time for reading, researching and contacts. I love nature, and it is my pleasure to work in the garden, to take care for the flowers and the trees… In my spare time I make every endeavour to “merge“ with nature and the beautiful scenery. Bulgaria has wonderful nature and sceneries, and Sofia – beautiful green parks and gardens.

Would You tell us a few words about Your family? Who are You here with?
I have a happy family: a wife and two children – a son and a daughter. Our children are now grown-ups, they have good work and live away from us. Our daughter has her own family. We are usually with my wife by ourselves when we are in Hanoi, as well as here.

What, in Your opinion, will be the direction of the development of the relations between our two countries in the coming years?
At the audience, just after the presentation of my credentials, the President Georgi Parvanov reminded us of the proverb: “”A friend in need is a friend indeed” as a confirmation of the traditional friendly relations between Vietnam and Bulgaria. Our good relations have been tested during the different historical periods of each of our countries, as they keep developing and strengthening more and more with every passing day. Regardless of our different georgraphic location, from a historical point of view there are many similar characteristics of our customs, and cultural traditions. In addition, both countries do have potential and are in a period marked by economic changes, in a period of regional and world integration; both countries are also determined to overcome all difficulties and tests in the name of prosperity…I’m personally an optimist with respect to the future and I will make every endeavour necessary and decisiveness to activate the comprehensive cooperation between our peoples, as well as to strengthen the political relations, to extend the economic, trade and investment contacts, and to strengthen the cultural relations.

 Would You tell us something about Your country? What is impressing about it and how is it familiar/unfamiliar to the people all around the world?
Vietnam is situated in South-East Asia, looking out to the Pacific Ocean, with a long seashore, with a number of beach stripes and beautiful bays: “Nya Chang“, “Lang Co“, etc. The bay “Ha Long” is especially impressive with its great number of rocky islands washing in the blue sea waters /Ha Long meaning “The Lying Dragon” in Vietnamese/, as it is a world phenomenon acknowledged by UNESCO. Vietnam has a thousand-year old history – since the establishment and preservation of the country, with its many and popular cultural and historical monuments and landmarks. In 2010 Hanoi will mark 1000 years since its establishment. Today, Vietnam is known for its proper policy of renovation (dating back from 1986) and the results achieved in each sphere. The country has marked for the last ten years an economic growth of 7%, social stability and life improvement. Once a country with a shortage of supply and food goods, today Vietnam is a leading country with respect to the export of a number of food products /it is the second country in the world to export rice, the first country in the world to export black pepper, etc./. Vietnam is an extremely exotic and attractive destination for all foreign tourists. Here one may take delight in everything surrounding him, take a rest or undergo a treatment amidst the great number of landmarks: the popular resorts “Vung Tau “, “Da Lat“, “Nya Chang“, “Hoi An“, the ancient capital of Hue, the caves “Fong Nya”, “Shappa”, “Dien Bien Fu”, and many, many more… The Vietnamese are a hospitable and respectful people, as our Bulgarian friends and guest would surely be especially pleased at their visit in.

What would You wish to all Bulgarians?
I wish the Bulgarian people much happiness and prosperity!

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