Margarita LulovaMargarita Lulova is Public relations director in Eurofootball. She graduated in advertising at NBU and Public relations at the Sofia University “Sv. Kliment Ohridski”. She is married and has one child. Together with a team of the Bulgarian bookmaker Eurofootball she worked out the biggest social event of the year at the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the home bookmaker house.

„Eurofootball” turned 15. The jubilee went under the motto „Life and Energy“. Why did you choose it?
The motto and all events for the jubilee were developed to say and show what “Eurofootball” was, namely – a modern company, with a young spirit, charged with energy and waiting forward for the new challenges. It is unique and full of innovative ideas at the same time.

You celebrated the anniversary with a 15 hour long party comprising of four separate events. How is such a grand party made in fact?
With a lot of energy and the efforts of the whole team for almost four months. „Eurofootball” celebrated its 10th birthday in the Boyana movie center with a roman party, organized as a fair at the area of 5 dkrs. Then everybody claimed this was the most impressive event of that kind. Well, I had to think of and organize something bigger than it for the 15th anniversary of “Eurofootball”. So we invited our partners and clients at the end of august in the Elenite and Sunny beach foam and we organized a beach volleyball tournament, a beach foam party, a cocktail at the sea cost and a concert.

Which was the event that drew the most attention?
It is hard to determine. The first event for the day was a beach volleyball tournament with an unique prize fund of 15 000 leva. I say unique because such a big cash prize has not been granted for a competition of that kind so far. We had two weeks for the teams that wanted to participate to register. Eighty hours after the registration site was opened over 70 teams filed their applications for participation.

What were the other events?
A day DJ foam party at the beach in Sunny beach under the sounds of Radi’s DJ mixes. Hundreds danced dressed in their swimsuits in the foam and the evening cocktail at Cacao beach welcomed over 600 of our partners and friends. They enjoyed the tai menu “Fresh and Hot Asia Colours” which was offered in a cocktail version for the first time here. Lyubo Neikov, Hristo Garbov, DJ Radi and DJ Gagalove ensured the good mood until the concert started at 23.00 o’clock. And the world famous Crystal Waters, Velvet and DJ ATB brought the guests and the spectators, over 5000 people on the beach to an ecstasy.

You are on the Bulgarian market for 15 years now. Is that a lot or a little?
It is both a lot and a little. It depends on the purposes and the tasks that a company has and the stage of their realization. I can say that “Eurofootball” with its 15 years of working here has achieved a lot for itself and for the society as a whole.

How does a brief retrospection of these 15 ears look like?
”Eurofootball” started in 1993 with seven bookmaker sites in the big cities. At the moment they are almost 830 scattered in 18 regions all across the country. High criteria on the exterior, interior which guarantee the comfort of the players have been developed through the years.

Has “Eurofootball reached ifs peak?
Certainly not. 15 years are a rather insufficient period of time for the fulfillment of all the ideas that the management of the company has. We are working on the next new product for our clients at the moment, but I shall keep it a secret. We reinvest the profit all the time and open new work places.

However how do you contribute to the development of the society?
The company and the representatives of the management gave a lot of funds for charity without making this public since the very moment Eurofootball was founded. In the beginning of 2007 we started a large scale social project called “You win and help” and we decided to announce it. Through it ”Eurofootball” works actively for the solving of different problems in the country – in sport, culture, health care and the social sphere.

Could you give us examples?
I shall mention some of our charity campaigns which earned broad public popularity and through which we helped a lot of people in Bulgaria – „Sport in Your Leisure Time” – we built 5 sport grounds, „Live heritage” – a campaign for the preservation of the folklore heritage, „Sport against Osteoporosis”, „A Traveling library for disabled people”, „We are Expecting a Baby” – for the informing the future parents, scholarships for orphans accepted in high schools etc.

How do you form and distribute the means in these campaigns?
We do not raise funds. We endow. The sum for each campaign is determined through consultations and joint work with foundations experienced in the certain topic. We think that the financing is more efficient this way. For every campaign we also carry out a lot of events in the country because the best way for an idea to reach the people is only through large numbers and interaction. As you may see for yourselves we develop our business and the society with our big social campaigns. We think that this way we achieve business prosperity and prosperity for the Bulgarian citizens as well.

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