izbata The history of Castra Rubra or the Red Fortress as it is translated begins from the Early Byzantine period. You will be delighted to hear its story accompanied by a glass of fragrant wine. The Fortress located close to the town of Harmanli has provided a shelter to the people passing the ancient road Via Diagonalis, which used to connect the capitals Rome and Constantinople in the times of the Roman Empire. This way the history gave the name to a unique Bulgarian wine cellar. Castra Rubra lies in the region of the old fortress, in the immediate proximity of our borders with Greece and Turkey.
The first wine produced in the wine cellar was Telish Rosé 2007. Here the experts will find the touch of Telish wine cellar and they will be right. It is regarding both the owner and the ideology of offering a product with personality, steady quality and fair price.
The technological equipment of Castra Rubra makes it a dreamt-of field of activity of each oenologist. The young experts’ team has the chance to be guided by the world-recognized French oenologist Michel Rolland. In Bulgaria he works exclusively with the Telish Company but the ambitious project of the new wine cellar caught his eye because of the capacity to produce high-quality wines in Bulgaria. And the production of a unique wine blend is like creating unique perfume. It seems easy as it is blending different sorts in one. But at the same time this is a complicated art of finding the optimal proportion when each sort would give its best.
Starting September the connoisseurs will have the chance to try the first two blends of Michel Rolland made in Bulgaria – the brands VIA DIAGONALIS (Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Rubin, Mavrud) and PENDAR (Merlot and Rubin) of the Castra Rubra wine cellar.

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